• February 5, 2018

Offbeat Gourmet – February 2018

Offbeat Gourmet – February 2018

All natural, locally made from scratch, sauces and dry rub, savory specialty spreads, country style dijon mustard, seasonal artisan jams and marmalade, gift sets and specialty items.

At the market on Saturday 2/10 & Sunday 2/11

Offbeat Gourmet creates handcrafted sauces & marmalades using ingredients from local family owned farms.

Each jar is made with fresh all-natural ingredients.

Offbeat Gourmet products contain absolutely NO artificial preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring, corn or high fructose corn syrup & are gluten free.


Phone: (267) 670-0580


Here’s a recipe for your Valentine using Offbeat Gourmet’s own Seedless Black Raspberry Jam!

  • December 15, 2017

Organic Imprints Studio – December 2017

Organic Imprints Studio – December 2017

Demonstrating process of Eco-Printing silk scarves and cotton aprons

Saturday 12/23

Kathleen Lang Metaxas will demonstrate her unique process of Eco-Printing silk scarves and cotton aprons this Sunday, December 16 from 11:30 am to 3 pm.  Her work has been getting a lot of attention lately!  She has presented her work not only at Stockton Market but also at various boutiques in Bucks County and NJ.  She is a working artist and instructor. Watch a short video of Kathleen here.

Kathleen Lang Metaxas
Owner of Organic Imprints Studio
Washington Crossing PA
Phone: 215-630-0532

Eco-Printing silk scarves
  • December 4, 2017

Levone Floral – December 2017

Levone Floral – December 2017

Holiday Wreaths

Saturday 12/9 from 10AM – 4PM

Elizabeth K.C. of Levone Floral will be offering up holiday wreaths Saturday, December 9th.  She is a floral designer in the Philadelphia and Bucks county area.  She incorporates local foliage and found materials in her work, which will make for organic and natural wreaths that you or your friends and family can enjoy.  Stop by and check out her work!

Email –
Website –
Instagram – @levonefloral