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Mainly Mushrooms will be offering curbside pickup this weekend

Mainly Mushrooms will offer the following available for curbside pickup at Stockton Market.

Please pick from the list below and e-mail or call me at 215-794-7080 with your order by Friday for Saturday pickup or by Saturday for Sunday pickup. We will send you an invoice to pay in advance. Square reader will be available at the market too.

For everyone’s protections, mask & gloves will be used when bagging orders.

Order by the 1/4, half, 3/4 or pound. Discount for pound orders.

This Week’s Selections

ramps $5 bunch, about a quarter lb
Morels $10 quarter lb
Porcini $10 quarter lb

Exotic Mix $6 qtr lb includes morels and porcini
Maitake or Hen of the Woods $6 qtr lb
Royal Trumpets $4/ qtr lb
Lions mane$6/qtr lb
Shiitake $6/qtr lb
Oyster $4/qtr lb
Cremini $5/ half lb
Portabella $5/ 3 mushrooms
Dried porcini $8/ 2oz
Dried wild mix $10/2oz. porcini chanterelle morel black trumpets
Dried Chanterelle $8/ 2oz
Dried black trumpets $5/1oz

Chaga $10/ 4oz
Reshi $6 /2oz
Turkeytail $ 8/ 2oz
Lions mane$ 8/ 2oz

Truffle oil $20 8 oz white or black
Shallot 2/ $1

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