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Featured Vendor: Highland Gourmet

Highland Gourmet

Highland Gourmet has been at the market since its creation in 2009, and they have enjoyed the customers and their families ever since. Proprietor, Ben Avila says, “is heartwarming to watch couples go from holding hands to the birth of their first child and then next thing you know, off to college.”

Dee & Ben Avila became interested in the cattle business when they were in the restaurant business providing farm to table with their beef.

“The thing I love the most is being able to provide beef that I know was raised and cared for by my wife and I. It is satisfying to know customers trust us and they know that our product is clean, hormone free, no antibiotics, and raised on grass and hay seven miles from this market.” — Ben Avila

One of his favorite recipes with their beef is the Forge Filet, originally created in our restaurant.

Forge Filet Recipe

Pick up some of Highland Gourmet’s “Tips and Tails,” sliced. Sauté in butter with marjoram and thyme, salt and pepper to taste. Add mushrooms and sauté a few more minutes. 

Server over a toasted rye bread smeared with horseradish aioli and top with cheddar cheese and broil until melted, top with meat mixture for a savory experience!

Featured Vendor: María’s Cocina

How long have you been involved in the market?
María’s Cocina, started on September 4, 2020; We started in a pandemic year, but we started with faith in a project that we had long ago as part of our dream.

What is the coolest thing or what you like the most on the market?
What we liked the most about the market is being in contact with the community, with the people, and we can also teach a bit of our culture through food.

When or how did you become interested in your product?
Ecuadorian food is little known in this area and we were interested in people knowing our food and making it for their menu.

Featured Vendor: Cottage Spice Co.

Sharon from Cottage Spice

Sharon Zofcin fell in love with this sweet river town when she bought Cottage Spice Co back in October 2016. Food, spices and cooking have always been her passion. She co-owned a country Deli many years ago in Martinsville, NJ. Sharon has a Business Management degree from Kean University.

On weekends, Sharon’s heart is here, in Stockton, owning Cottage Spice, selling to the customers she now considers her friends. She’s collected many delicious recipes (ask her to share) using the freshly, dried spices for sale to enjoy and savor. Tarragon Salmon, Dukkah-crusted Halibit and Turkey Meatballs with Aleppo pepper to name a few. But that’s not all that is available at this unique stand at the market. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece, Blood Orange Olive Oil, aged Balsamic Vinegars (White Summer Peach is Sharon’s favorite), Mexican Vanilla extract and small-batch house made spreads are waiting for you to relish. Hummble Hummus is a customer favorite. So, stop by and say ‘Hi’ to Sharon and Explore the Spiceabilities.

Featured Vendor: Metropolitan Seafood

Metropolitan Seafood Marco!
How long have you been involved with the market?

Metropolitan Seafood has proudly been at Stockton Market for 15 years.

What is the coolest thing or thing you love the most about the market?

The best thing about being a part of this market is the sense of community that every vendor and patron brings.

When or how did you get interested in seafood?

Mark Drabich started Metro in 1989, after years of living the 9-5 he no longer wanted to work for someone else but himself. He returned to fish mongering, which he discovered in his youth, to bring the freshest quality seafood to the area.

What is the coolest thing or thing you love the most about selling seafood?

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality seafood and gourmet products the way nature intended and to provide these products and services in an intelligent, humorous, and loving manner… because we believe that with a full belly and good service we all can become better human beings.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of selling a great product is having a client come back and rave about it.

Metropolitan Seafood WTF

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