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Featured Vendor: María’s Cocina

How long have you been involved in the market?
María’s Cocina, started on September 4, 2020; We started in a pandemic year, but we started with faith in a project that we had long ago as part of our dream.

What is the coolest thing or what you like the most on the market?
What we liked the most about the market is being in contact with the community, with the people, and we can also teach a bit of our culture through food.

When or how did you become interested in your product?
Ecuadorian food is little known in this area and we were interested in people knowing our food and making it for their menu.

What is the best thing or what you like the most about your product?
We really like to share Ecuadorian gastronomy, which is very wide and little known.We are happy that with our small menu we have been able to enter the palate of our clients and that they tell us that our food is delicious, this is our greatest reward.

When / why / how did you become interested in the items you sell?  
I always cooked for my son and also for the friends she brought home; my son almost every week mom told me, he eats a little more than what some friends bring;  and they always came back and said to my son, your mother cooks delicious and they weren’t Ecuadorians.  My neighbors were always happy when I knocked on their door to share some of my food with them and they told me that you should start a business and that was really what I wanted to do. God gave me the opportunity and here we are.

Anything else?
Thanks to María’s Cocina I have had the opportunity to meet very good people; I am very grateful to Steve Lau, who gave me that push that he needed to believe in this project.

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