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Joy from “The Bubbly Goat” to represent the State of NJ for Miss Agriculture USA!

Joy From “The Bubbly Goat” To Represent The State Of NJ For Miss Agriculture USA!

Miss Agriculture USA is a nonprofit agriculture promotion organization. When Joy accepted the title it felt like one of her dreams came true. She is passionate about agriculture, all aspects of it. Growing up on a family farm, Joy realizes the benefits of supporting local agriculture. You can put a face to a product and you are directly supporting a family, not a huge corporation. She takes that concept to heart as she has her own business, “The Bubbly Goat”. She uses the milk from her family’s herd of dairy goats and creates artisinal Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions from this milk.

Joy, representing NJ Miss Agriculture, is very excited and dedicated to promoting awareness to family run and owned farms. Joy says, ” If we fail to recognize the family farms around us and support them, their numbers will continue to dwindle and eventually become extinct taking with them a part of America’s history, landscape and a human to human connection that you cant get at a commercial store. Some of which no longer have cashiers.”

Miss Agriculture USA is a non profit organization dedicated to celebrating and promoting the wonders of agriculture! As a non-profit queen group, we are focused on building confidence, promoting self esteem, developing public speaking skills, shaping strong leaders, networking, and forming lasting friendships,

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