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Marchese & Family

Marchese & Family


Marchese is new to the market this weekend. Bringing a line of their own cold pressed juices, their own veggie spreads and dips and salad bowls. Using most of the produce from their farm to make all these healthy foods! A little bit about Marchese….

Located in Hopewell NJ Marchese Farm sits nestled into the base of the Sourland Mountain Range.  Quiet and tucked away, the 22 acre vegetable farm grows over 100 variety’s of vegetables, berry’s, and melons in small sustainable rows.  

The produce is picked daily at its peak, and transferred directly to our onsite juicing room to be prepped and pressed as quickly as possible to ensure the freshest juice you can get.

Our line of seasonal juices is produced using as much of our own farm grown produce as we can, making it not only fresh, but as local as it comes.  Sustainability at its best.

Our line of dips, spreads, and pesto uses pulp left over from our juicing process.  Meaning every bit of the plants are utilized, wasting nothing.

Our superfood salads are made using fresh picked greens and produce, packed right on the farm, and sold directly to you.  No middle man.


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