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Plants Heal: Feminist Witch Magic with Cathlin Star Walker

Plants Heal

 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20TH | 11:00-12:30PM 

At The Alchemist’s Kitchen in Stockton Market

This workshop is designed to ignite the cultivation of self providing holistic tools and practices for understanding intuition, intention, and integration. Some of our most powerful medicinal allies are plants. Whether we use them for mental or physical support, plants offer us many lessons in healing. 

Our health is often prescribed by someone outside of our individual body & experiences. When we listen to ourselves and determine our needs from what we hear within us, we begin to feel at home in our body. Tender self-care is some of the most potent healing we are capable of as humans. It is imperative to demonstrate this compassion for self in the face of fear, bigotry, and hatred, for we are of no use to the collective unless we ourselves are nourished. 

This workshop is a space to deepen our understanding of plants as allies. It is a space to tap into the magic afoot when we prioritize ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

Space for this event is limited, please register online to reserve your spot!

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