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Bucks County Magazine

Farmers markets are about relationships, celebrating the community and supporting sustainable agriculture and local food artisans. It’s where you go to buy healthy foods that nourish you and your family’s bodies.
PhillyFYI-ABC6 Stockton Market

FYI Philly: 6 ABC

Stockton, New Jersey, is home to a year-round farmer's market that is the perfect place to stock up on an amazing array of handcrafted items while also exploring the area's trails and bike paths. Tamala Edwards makes a day of it at the Stockton Market. (WPVI)

Radius Magazine

While this tiny town is not completely overflowing with as many galleries, antique stores and restaurants as its larger neighbors, it has a jewel of its own: Stockton Market. It’s not what many may think of as a farmer’s market, but it outshines any competitor.

Bucks County Herald

“Whether they are in the mood for pizza, barbecue, seafood, salads or enchiladas, they can find them at the market. The variety provides something for just about everyone...

New York Times

“So you can essentially come here and get everything you need for dinner. It’s one-stop shopping,” said David Borgert, who operates the Eat This booth, selling pâtés, jams and...
Janet Bukovinsky At The Stockton Market

“Hundreds of people come to shop for locally-sourced fresh food in the remarkable Stockton Market. About 30 vendors display produce picked earlier in the day, beautiful just-baked...

Stacey Snacks

“Last weekend I had the pleasure of checking out the Stockton Farmer's Market. An indoor artisanal market, selling fabulous items, most of them being food...

NJ Monthly

“Farmers here hail from both sides of the Delaware. The products come from farms such as Gravity Hill, Purely, Tullamore and Storybook. The meats are all pasture raised and include...
Sciascia Confections

The Intelligencer

“Yet even in the midst of all this diversity, the market in Stockton, N.J., is one of a kind. Vendors set up shop indoors, it’s open Friday through Sunday, instead of following the...
Metropolitan Seafood

Edible Jersey

“Since its opening three years ago, the StocktonMarket has become my go-to farmers’ market. Rivaling New York City’s Greenmarkets and Philly’s ReadingTerminal, its vendors...

The Week

“This downtown market was saved by owners who decided to make it a Friday to Sunday only business featuring the products of local farmers and food vendors, including...
Market Cafe

Bucks County Herald

“For those looking for a meal at the market, tables and chairs were added with the expansion. That means a place to sit while dining on fish and chips by fresh seafood purveyor...

Tasting Table

Selected as part of TastingTable's handpicked group of the very best places to start your day with coffee, indulge in an afternoon ice cream cone and round out a busy day...

Princeton Magazine

“Once you go to the Stockton Farm Market, I can almost guarantee you will return. Last summer Cheryl Olsten and Steve Grabowski bought the building, which for decades was...
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