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Dawn McBeth, Stockton Market Manager and the indoor market

January 23, 2014

Food Fresh and Local at Farmers’ Markets, Well After the Frost

Year-round markets also are helping to close the gap, including the Stockton Market in Hunterdon County, which opened in 2010.

“People in this area really needed the option” of a weatherproof market, said Dawn Mcbeth, 56, of Stockton, the manager of the 12,000-square-foot market, which has 25 winter vendors. “The vendors needed a way to make money year-round, and people needed a place to buy locally made stuff.”

Ms. Mcbeth said, “People have embraced us not just as a place to buy fresh cheese and beef and pasta in the winter, but also as a community meeting place.” That was evident on a visit this month, when patrons lingered at a market cafe selling coffee and crepes, as well as at booths such as Sciascia Confections of Stockton, where a specialty is handmade macarons ($2 each). Stockton Market is home to a fishmonger, a pasta maker, an organic farmer, a bakery, a mushroom stand and beef and poultry producers.

“So you can essentially come here and get everything you need for dinner. It’s one-stop shopping,” said David Borgert, who operates the Eat This booth, selling pâtés, jams and marmalades made in Erwinna, Pa.

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By TAMMY LA GORCE – JAN. 23, 2014

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