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April 30, 2013

Special Places: Stockton Farmer’s Market

I know most of you think New Jersey is a pit. We are the brunt of many jokes.

Lots of industry, overpopulated, pollution, high taxes, rude people, we are defined by what exit we live off of, and just basic big attitudes.

Well, most of this is true. I won’t lie to you.

However, we are also the “Garden State”, and there is a reason. We have tons of beautiful open spaces and farmland. Only 25 miles west from my house are dairy farms, horse farms, and peach and apple orchards.

We have some excellent schools and an Ivy League University, all located in NJ.

We are famous for our corn and tomatoes, as well as blueberries and cranberries. It really is a beautiful state once you leave the airport and its surrounding areas (hence “pit”).

I promise.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of checking out the Stockton Farmer’s Market.
An indoor artisanal market, selling fabulous items, most of them being food.

Homemade soaps, fresh local beef, cheeses, breads, a flower market, and handmade jewelry.

My favorite vendor was David, from “Eat This”. These amazing dudes make fabulous confiture (jams, French style pates, balsamic onion marmalade, bacon jam!!! and pickled vegetables) and is a super nice guy to boot.
I went home with a box load.

Why would anyone buy a cheap bottle of wine to bring to someone’s home when you could bring a jar of pickled carrots?
Just sayin’.

There is a great fish monger (Metropolitan Seafood) and the fish is gorgeous and FRESH. I bought some beautiful halibut and fresh trout that was expertly filleted for me while I waited.

Unfortunately, we are not in produce mode at the moment (soon), so there were only a few ramps, fiddlehead ferns and spring onions for the pickin’. We have to wait a few more weeks for asparagus and radishes and other spring goodies.

Stockton is a beautiful historic town in Hunterdon County, settled in the 1700’s, located along the Delaware River. It is a gorgeous Sunday drive, and only an hour and half from NYC.

There is an historic inn built in 1710 called the Stockton Inn so you can stay for the weekend, and some lovely shops and cafes along the way to have brunch (or in my case LUNCH……you know I don’t do brunch).

A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the country, all in my state of NJ.

Come visit.

Stockton Farmer’s Market
19 Bridge St.
Stockton, NJ

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