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CBD Gift Making Workshop

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Ezza Valdez

Ezza Valdez, a senior team leader at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, has always been an explorer with a creative passion for “doing it on your own”, now popularized as the DIY movement. Growing up in the Philippines, she remembers how she rallied her friends to adventures in outdoor cooking (using milk cans as pots), paper doll theatrics and making their own musical instruments for caroling. “You can make beautiful music with a wire and a ton of bottle caps”. When teaching, she brings a joyful and an inspired sense of accomplishment when hosting classes and workshops. As V.P. of Business Development for The Alchemist’s Kitchen, she has had the opportunity to work with leading herbalists in the country and is currently preparing for the launch of an herbalist and CBD training program for holistic practitioners and frazzled urban citizens that will commence in early 2020.

Ezza Valdez

Divine Feminine Celebration Tea + Mingle

On the eve of the full moon in Virgo is the perfect time to celebrate the divine feminine in its purest form. Let’s tune into the energy of all women uniting for International Women’s Day and feel our collective pull. Never before have women taken such great strides towards independence, self-love, and respect. Let’s open our hearts, enjoying tea and treats while getting to know other like-minded women in our community. We’ll play games, say affirmations and celebrate the wisdom of women who rocked the world this year. Our time is now ladies, so let’s get together and celebrate!


Space for this event is limited, please register online to reserve your spot.

tickets are non-refundable

Trina Bardusco

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Remedies for Stress

Learn simple and powerful “stress less” techniques to soothe your nervous system, increase your energy, decrease pain and reactivity, and help you make better choices, leaving you feeling more empowered in your daily life. The workshop is led by Debra Troy, the creator of Stress Less Seminars and Heal the Cause Method, who will give you simple tools that you can incorporate into your life with ease.

For this one-of-a kind workshop, The Alchemist’s Kitchen is crafting an herbal stress reducing drink with or without CBD.

$35 in advance
$40 at the door

Space for this event is limited, please register online to reserve your spot.

tickets are non-refundable

Debra Troy

DEBRA TROY is a Certified Consulting HypnoCounselor, a Kalos Kinesiology Health Facilitator, a Certified Somatic Hypnotist, a Board Certified Reflexologist and is the creator of the “Heal the Cause Method” and Stress Less Seminars. She teaches workshops, classes and offers private sessions at her Lambertville office and is available for online sessions via Zoom. Debra has been in private practice since 1983.

Remedies for Stress are techniques and tools Debra Troy has learned over 30 years that help people ground, center and discharge blocked energy and emotions that create dis-stress, so they can feel and be their best.

The “Heal the Cause Method” is done in private sessions with Debra. This method incorporates Behavioral Kinesiology (muscle testing) to locate stuck emotions in the body’s meridians that may show up as aches, pains, illness and habitual upsets and behaviors, “Tapping” to discharge them and Hypnosis to reinforce desired changes!

Debra Troy

Herbs for Women

In this class, we will zoom in on a few of the herbs that can be helpful in restoring and maintaining women’s health at every stage in life. From smoothing out the edges of stress and anxiety to calming down menstrual cramping, and cooling off the hot flashes from menopause, for all these womanly issues (and more), there is an herbal remedy for that!

Join us for gaining insights into the healing power of specific herbs as well as learning different ways to prepare nurturing remedies at home.

We will sample several herbs, and each person will receive a handout.


Space for this event is limited, please register online to reserve your spot.

tickets are non-refundable

Dawn Selene

I am a wise woman herbalist, green witch, Reiki practitioner, avid gardener, and community volunteer. I have been studying plant medicine, herbalism, and energetic healing for over a decade. I enjoy bridging the worlds of plants and people, seasoned with a little magic.

Plants feel familiar to me. Like meeting someone I know. Before the internet, I would buy herbs and not really know what to do with them but always felt like I should. When I finally began studying, it was like meeting an old friend.

I think I always wanted to be an herbalist. I remember putting herbs into rubbing alcohol when was about 2 or 3 and saying I was making medicine. Of course, they were completely unusable, but I remember that it smelled like the tinctures I make now.

My introduction to energy healing modalities was as a small child. My father taught The Silva Method out of our home. This self-help method teaches meditation and self hypnosis; I took his class multiple times between the ages of 2 and 6.

I also remember playing at the base of a large tree that had knots that formed bowls, and I remember that, after it would rain, I would put herbs and colored pebbles in the bowls and say that I was making magic. And, of course, I was!

My greatest desire is to never stop learning. I want to know as much about the herbs as I can and find new ways to connect with the plants.

Dawn Selene
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